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In the highly specialised field of Aerospace Structures, the Brookhouse commitment to excellence is not just a goal but a mandate. The array of services offered, spanning from composite to metallic details, underscores a dedication to product integrity, conformity, performance, and precision. This comprehensive approach is what positions us at the forefront of the industry, encapsulating the ethos of

"Elevating Excellence for Aero Structure Solutions"

Our NADCAP approved Non Destructive Testing (NDT) including Penetrant Flaw Detection, Hardness Testing, Conductivity Testing, and Tensile Strength Testing underpins our quality assurance. These are not merely procedures; they are the guardians of reliability and safety, ensuring that every material used adheres to the most stringent standards.

The synergy of these services provides a holistic solution that addresses every facet of product development, from process design to final inspection. It’s verification to the unwavering commitment to quality that is demanded by the aerospace sector. Each test, each inspection, is a step towards affirming the trust that customers place in our solutions.

It’s a complex tapestry of technical expertise, technology, and rigorous standards that we have brought together to create a system which produces exact and precise products.

This is the Brookhouse essence of providing aero structure solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, ensuring that every flight is as safe as it is efficient.

The journey towards achieving and maintaining such high standards is continuous, driven by innovation, and fuelled by our passion for excellence that is shared across the organisation.

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