Brookhouse Aerospace offers a unique metal-to-metal bonding expertise to the aerospace market. We have a range of autoclaves and readily available capacity at our UK facilities, including in-house treatment facilities. We have received Nadcap approval for composite pre-preg manufacture and metal-to-metal bonding to AS 7118.

We produce, prepare and treat in-house metallic details, skins and honeycomb cores prior to bonding and assembly. Specific adhesives are procured from suppliers with recognised accreditations, and applied to the surfaces of the parts to be bonded. The assembly is then cured at the specified temperature and pressure, using one of the autoclaves at our facilities, prior to final assembly and finish paint.

We offer engineering design and analysis solutions that help our customers maintain and develop core engineering competencies in-house through our knowledge transfer model while addressing cost, quality, skills and confidentiality concerns.

  • Design and Analysis
  • Finite Element Modeling
  • Design & Stress for Liaison Engineering, MRB and Product Improvement
  • Part 26 Compliance, Durability and Damage Tolerance (DaDT) Analysis
  • Products & Services: FAA Certification via OEM TC or STC
  • FAA DER and DAR Services
  • Research and Development of Innovative Proprietary Products
  • Program Management using the latest methods and tools
  • Product Design Optimization

Our extensive aerospace engineering experience and industry knowledge allow us to provide a broad array of aircraft engineering design and analysis solutions that reduce risk, provide tangible results and ensure our customer’s success. 

  • OEM and Sub-Tier companies
  • Airlines and MROs
  • Brookhouse Aerospace as internal engineering services, providing technology consulting and process and product optimization.

Brookhouse Aerospace Engineering provides robust project and program management Certification services to the global Aerospace industry.

Enterprise Wide Project & Program Management

  • Dedicated Program Manager for each project
  • Industry standard Project Management tools
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Business project, program and portfolio management
  • Earned value and real project cost accounting
  • PMP qualified and aerospace experienced
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