Brookhouse Aerospace is at the forefront of environmentally conscious practices in the aerospace industry, offering a range of NADCAP approved surface treatments that align with the global shift towards sustainability. Our commitment to eco-friendly processes is evident in the adoption of advanced treatments like Surtec 650, which is recognised for its superior performance and minimal environmental impact. This transition from traditional anodising and Alocrom treatments to alternatives like Surtec 650 reflects a broader industry trend of moving away from hexavalent chrome conversion coatings, not only for regulatory compliance but also as a pledge to environmental stewardship.

In addition to Surtec 650, Brookhouse Aerospace has incorporated Tartaric Sulphuric Acid Anodising (TSA), which offers high corrosion resistance and excellent paint bonding properties while being less harmful to the environment compared to conventional methods. The use of TSA is particularly prevalent in aerospace components, where stringent requirements for corrosion resistance are paramount.

Moreover, Brookhouse Aerospace’s innovative advancements extend to Hot Zinc Spray and Wet Spray Painting techniques. These methods provide high-quality finishes and are instrumental in reducing the environmental footprint of metal finishing processes. Hot Zinc Spray, for instance, is celebrated for its corrosion resistance and durability without generating toxic by-products, making it an environmentally friendly option. Similarly, Wet Spray Painting offers a sustainable alternative to traditional painting methods, ensuring high-quality finishes with a lower environmental impact.

Through these initiatives, Brookhouse Aerospace not only meets the industry’s high standards for quality and performance but also demonstrates a profound commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.

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